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A Cross sectional study was done among the girl students of primary school in Buraydah City in the age group of 7-9 yrs with sample size of 401 and found that a mong the 401 study subjects, dental caries are prevalent  upto 80.80% in primary teeth and 29% in permanent teeth. Read more
A study has shown that incidence of atherosclerosis is more common in males compared to females; but there is a progressives increase in the proportion of females who present with coronary atherosclerosis.  Incidence of Left coronary artery involvement was 85%, Right coronary artery involvement was 63%. Read more
Editorial  This issue contains many articles, case reports of interest for the readers. It is not possible for me to cover all of them in my note, but I am sure that our young researchers and especially postgraduates would take the maximum benefit out of them. For a high IF, we need to have more of good quality original articles having high citation values. All senior members are urged to submit their prime research work and consider IJCRR as their first -choice journal. Further, suggestions of any type, especially related to any columns to be included, are most welcome.  To read more